What a beautiful spot!

Nice to get out in the country; the wine was good and the rain held off. Some of us HAD played there and now all of us HAVE played there. Our 6/27 gig was a lot of fun - thanks to everyone who came out ... including the chickens who joined the audience!


A Leap Day Weekend to remember!

Whew ... that was a lot: 3 gigs in just over 24 hours - probably too much for bona fide jubilados.

We did some of our favorites - Grand Junction Brewing Company on Friday night, Broad Ripple Farmers Market (winter headquarters) on Saturday morning, then Hopwood Cellars on Saturday night. Lots of fun ... and Sunday really was a "day of rest"!

Here are a couple of crude recordings:


Wrapping up 2019 in Westfield ...

We had fun at Grand Junction, home of "European-inspired, handcrafted brews". If you remember 1970s "bootleg" recordings what they lacked in quality they made up for in authenticity!

Here's a few of ours from December 20:


OK, so what's a "Weissenborn"?

Hermann Weissenborn isn't as famous as C.F. Martin or Leo Fender, but he created a unique stringed instrument in Los Angeles in the 1920's. A relative of the dobro (resonator) it looks like a small guitar and is played like a lap steel, with a slide in the fretting hand. We love the way it sounds with our other stringed instruments, harmonica and vocals.


Steve McNear's "Take One"

The 6 tracks from this album are part of a growing repertoire of original material we play.

1. It's True
2. She
3. Whatever Happened To Love
4. Before I Go
5. Back In The Day
6. Gettin Back To Country