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Blackhawk Winery is a beautiful spot!

Always nice to get out in the country; the wine was good and the weather was great. Our 8/14 gig was a lot of fun - thanks to everyone who came out ... including the chickens who joined the audience!


Here are a few songs recorded at this very gig:


Inaugural Noblesville Porch Music Festival seemed like a resounding success!

August 7 was a beautiful day, with good music up and down the street. The rotating schedule served up lots of variety for music fans up and down the street.

... thanks to our porch hosts - we had fun!


A Leap Day Weekend to remember!

Whew ... that was a lot: 3 gigs in just over 24 hours - probably too much for bona fide jubilados.

We did some of our favorites - Grand Junction Brewing Company on Friday night, Broad Ripple Farmers Market (winter headquarters) on Saturday morning, then Hopwood Cellars on Saturday night. Lots of fun ... and Sunday really was a "day of rest"!

Here are a couple of crude recordings:


Wrapping up 2019 in Westfield ...

We had fun at Grand Junction, home of "European-inspired, handcrafted brews". If you remember 1970s "bootleg" recordings what they lacked in quality they made up for in authenticity!

Here's a few of ours from December 20:


OK, so what's a "Weissenborn"?

Hermann Weissenborn isn't as famous as C.F. Martin or Leo Fender, but he created a unique stringed instrument in Los Angeles in the 1920's. A relative of the dobro (resonator) it looks like a small guitar and is played like a lap steel, with a slide in the fretting hand. We love the way it sounds with our other stringed instruments, harmonica and vocals.


Steve McNear's "Take One"

The 6 tracks from this album are part of a growing repertoire of original material that we play.

1. It's True
2. She
3. Whatever Happened To Love
4. Before I Go
5. Back In The Day
6. Gettin Back To Country
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